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Shoutouts Archive (10th July 2020)

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10th July 2020

Neil 21:53

They probably didn't want us to see what they were planning to get up to for their Friday night Lamb-i-shanigans! lol! Baaaaa!

Helen 21:47

Oh, dear. Well, you can't blame the heat. Maybe too much rain? Or the sheep have pulled the plug. They might have got tired of our looking at them.

Neil 21:45

it perhaps needs more coins in the Lamb-o-meter -- shall we have a whip around? lol!

Ric 20:18

Last image was from 17:39

Ric 20:14

No signal message from the stream.

Helen 17:15

I'm working on it, Neil. This is supposed to break on the weekend. It reaches 34 every afternoon.

Neil 16:41

& I'm even later, I hope you're managing to keep cool, Helen,

Helen 12:41

Well, I"m late today but what a beautiful day at the farm - sun and blue skies and fluffy clouds. I hope the rain is gone for a while.

Ric 10:33


Cindy 08:46


Milly 08:12

Morning all,, nippy this morning

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