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Shoutouts Archive (6th July 2020)

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6th July 2020

Helen 23:26

(If no one here knows what Appalachian moonshine is, please pm me.)

Helen 23:25

Is that moonshine I'm seeing right now (no, not the Appalachian kind!) The sky is very bright, which makes me think the moon is setting.

Helen 15:50

The new lambs had their photos taken in the last few days. They are posted on Facebook. May they stay healthy and safe.

Helen 14:52

Oh, wow, you've got sunshine. And I see some sheep.

Milly 12:47

On and off ,mainly on

Helen 12:18

Good morning again - it's already hot here at 7.00 a.m. but there's a bit of a breeze. I will take anything I can get! I see it's stopped raining?

Neil 12:18

Hello All,

Ric 10:49


Susan 09:48

Morning All

Milly 09:27

Ooo ,a bit of blue sky !

Milly 09:25

Morning Cindy

Milly 09:24

Thats a bit too much Helen ,we are goi g to get hot weather at the weekend, but not too hot here,we will see 😊

Milly 09:22

Morning all

Cindy 08:54


Helen 00:28

Milly, it's 35c here. Do you really want that?

Helen 00:27

What's that Bob Dylan song about "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall"? I think it's falling at LW tonight - I can hear it on the camera.

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