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Shoutouts Archive (2nd July 2020)

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2nd July 2020

Helen 23:58

I know no one wants to hear it, but it is 35 centigrade in Toronto right now. I bet "B" has really hot weather, too. It has come here from Siberia. Blame the Russians, I guess.

Helen 23:58

It's been fine here, although I haven't looked in often today.

Dan 22:46

Great news Thanks B and Ric

Ric 20:17

Dan, I haven't experienced any today.

"B" 19:09

I have not experienced buffering at any time. I'm in Winnipeg , Canada. The buffering may be beyond your control, I a server is carrinng a heavy load, or islow on capacity for some reason that could cause the buffering.

Dan 18:56

Has the buffering been better today?

Neil 18:15

Thanks for the info Helen, interesting but scary how our Planet appears to be warming up so fast!

Ric 18:12

Sheep just cleaned the lens nicely!

Helen 18:01

Well, if anyone is interested, our extreme heat is not coming up from the USA as much as it is coming across the North Pole from Siberia, which is also enduring extremely high temperatures. The world gets smaller by the minute.

Neil 13:20

Hello Everyone, I hope oyu manage to keep cool, Helen & survive yoru local heat-burst...Good Luck, Hoping You All have a Good Day

Helen 11:28

Good morning, all. We're bracing for 32c today and tomorrow. Enjoy your cooler weather.

Debbie 09:36

Good morning

Susan 09:30

Morning All

Cindy 08:57


Milly 08:14

Morning Helen and all

Helen 04:14

Good view of early morning field. LOts of bird song, too.

"B" 02:32

If nothing has changed in your set-up it must be the incoming signal; possible causes , load eg: peak-time school breaks etc. Or if your data speed is slow.

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