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Shoutouts Archive (1st July 2020)

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1st July 2020

Ric 20:26

Not sure which end has the speed issue.

Ric 20:26

I assume the connection is not fast enough to deliver the specified datastream.

"B" 20:17

Ric, What do you think is causeing the buffreing?

Ric 19:46

The buffering has stopped.

Ric 18:47

Heavy buffering going on for minutes at a time.

Helen 13:54

Thanks, Neil, and all. I think a lot of the celebrations will be 'virtual' today. We aren't doing big gatherings anywhere, yet.

Ric 11:41

The buffering has stopped.

Neil 11:24

Hello All, & Wishing Helen, "B", Karen & All your Friends a Happy Canada Day.....Enjoy if you can....

Susan 10:44

Morning All

Ric 10:22

Buffering quite a bit this morning,

Ric 10:06


Cindy 08:50


Debbie 08:37

Good morning

Milly 07:36

White rabbits everyone

Milly 07:32


Milly 07:31

Morning Helen and all, still wet and cool here !

Helen 06:48

"B",that how Margaret Atwood describes Toronto, the city of two seasons, too hot and too cold. We are in "Too Hot" right now. Enjoy the day.

"B" 03:31

Hello HelenMaybe I'm too late .you are an hour ahead of me. Happy Canada Day when you get there & thank you for your wishes. Only one problem now it's too hot - If I hang around it will be too cold!

Helen 02:38

Happy Canada Day to "B", and to Karen if she looks in, and anyone else who wants to help us celebrate our national birthday. Bonne Fete, Canada!

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