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Shoutouts Archive (30th June 2020)

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30th June 2020

Helen 23:42

A bit of buffering tonight but since I'm the only one here and it's almost pitch dark, it doesn't matter.

Dan 22:28

Thanks Neil - if it buffers more than normal for you, then i would need to make a little change.

Neil 22:12

Hi Dan, buffering seems to range from occaional to every so often, hoping that makes sense, but certainly less than previously experienced before you made the improvements, thanks, I don't think it's enough to worry about at the mo, expecially as I'm about to retire for the night, I'll let oyu know how it behaves tomorrow. Many thanks again, Goodnight & Sweet Dreams Everyone.

Dan 22:06

Hello Jasmine

Dan 22:05

Hi Neil - was it a lot of buffering or just a little bit? Have you had buffering before?

Neil 21:55

Perhaps your provider is a better one...or that you've paid your bill...lol! I'm with BT infinity if of any help to anyone.

Ric 21:48

I haven't noticed any buffering on my end.

Neil 21:41

Ha Dan, As you've asked us to let you know, it has started bufferting at about 2140, but presumably as the light is fading, BUT VERY MANY THANKS for the much better resolution & lack of buffering before then.

Helen 20:26

Thanks Dan - what a great picture! And the rain seems to have stopped, finally.

Neil 19:35

Many thanks Dan, Very Much Appreciated, The resolution seems much better too, thanks.

Ric 16:15

Looks good. Thanks, Dan!

Dan 16:08

hi all, i have bumped up the quality of the stream by 25%. If you notice a lot of buffering (more than normal), please let me know.

Neil 12:28

Hello All, I hope oyu're all having a Good Day, whatever the weather, It was interesting seeing the Sheep having their Evening Run around as Helen has informed, thanks, Helen.

Helen 12:27

Hello again. Stay home and stay dry.

Susan 11:21

Morning All

Ric 10:16


Cindy 08:54


Debbie 08:50

Good morning

Milly 07:34

Morning Helen and all

Helen 05:56

Good morning all. Still wet. but boy, is it green!

Helen 02:16

That's about when they do their end-of-the-day runs, like exercise before bedtime. It used to be earlier, but then the days got longer. It is as if they store up a lot of energy during the day, and have to burn it off around sunset. And I still hear the rain, a lovely soothing sound. Wish we had some here..

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