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Shoutouts Archive (29th June 2020)

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29th June 2020

Neil 20:30

Never mind Sheepdog Trials, Have the sheep & lambs all been training for Sheep trials, running one way & then the other, around 2010onwards, about I wonder?

Helen 18:56

"Blowin' up a hooley" right now, as they would say in certain parts of our world.

Neil 16:59

As you say, Helen, these Rare breeds are often used to hardy conditions such as they are experiencing at the moment, & probably in fact prefer them...probably helps to keep their skin feeling more comfortably moist, than the hot dry sunny heat.

Helen 16:33

the two sheep I just saw don't seem to be bothered by the rain. Of course they come from far-off places where weather conditions are quite extreme, wet and blowy. They probably don't care.

Helen 15:11

Oh, well, good, then. I knew from another farmer friend that things were very, very dry. However, this seems a bit of overkill. Start on the Ark.

Neil 14:21

Yes, as Susan syas, Many thanks Helen for much needed rain, I hope the grass & vegetation are enjoying it after such hot & dry condiditons lately, It is certainly blowing a Hoolie both here & Shetland by the sound of it!

Susan 13:34

Helen,thanks for praying for the rain we needed it badlyand to keep too much sun and heat away which is killing.

Helen 13:30

Sorry "Asked me to pray for rain. I've already stopped.".

Helen 13:30

A month ago another Yorkshire friend asked me to rain. I've already stopped praying.

Ric 10:26

Good morning.

Susan 09:14

Morning All

Cindy 08:48


Debbie 08:39

Good morning

Milly 07:34

Someone has forgot to tell them ,its June !!

Milly 07:32

Morning Helen and all.

Milly 07:32

We need to soon,Thursday might be a good day

Helen 06:15

Good morning. More rain. Is anyone building an Ark?

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