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Shoutouts Archive (28th June 2020)

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28th June 2020

Neil 16:34

Good Afternoon All....certianly another wet & windy day, & Blowing a Hoolie up in Shetland by the sound & look of things there...Enjoy the cool & the damp while you can....

Helen 15:11

Good - I'm glad you are enjoying it. It will be good for your garden, Margaret.

Margaret 13:47

Good afternoon.... it's lovely to have a drop of rain and cooler temperatures.

Helen 12:29

Hello, everyone. Another wet day, it seems. It's doing wonders for the grass, but what's it doing to your spirits?

Ric 10:55


Cindy 08:42


Milly 07:54

Morning Helen and all

Milly 07:54

Once the rain starts here ,it doesn't know when to stop !!

Helen 05:41

How lush that grass is now.

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