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Shoutouts Archive (25th June 2020)

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25th June 2020

Helen 22:05

Those are very noisy sheep. I hear Heather in the distance.

Helen 21:54

I spoke too soon. They are all yelling.

Helen 21:40

They are all peaceful now. Lovely sky, too.

Milly 19:35

10 mins ago

Milly 19:34

Its like a stampede,

Helen 15:01

Thanks Dan. That is incredibly green today. I hope the heat doesn't burn it all away again.

Dan 12:08

You're welcome It's hooot

Neil 12:08

Hello Everyone, Many thanks Dan for your devotion...

Susan 10:10

Morning All

Ric 10:05

Good morning. Windy but pretty one!

Cindy 08:55


Milly 07:08

Thanks Dan 😊

Milly 07:07

Morning Helen and all

Helen 06:09

Everything is looking very green after the rain.

Helen 06:08

Oh, wonderful - we have the camera back! And a lamb up close. Good morning everyone. Thanks Dan.

Helen 00:27

Sleep well. Heat doesn't help, I know. I did see your lovely collage. Thanks for posting.

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