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Shoutouts Archive (24th June 2020)

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24th June 2020

Neil 23:17

Thanks for oyur advice Helen, Much appreciated. If you or anyone interested I've just posted a collage of Midsummer's Evening's views from the www.shetlandwebcams on my Facebook timeline & on the webcam Disqus site....with these views, the calling Curlews & other birds on the Sound Escape channel it is diffiuclt to draw myself away to bed ...but I guess I will have to...Goodnight All.

Milly 23:09

30C today herešŸ„µ

Helen 22:16

If it gets hotter, close your doors and windows. If you have a fan, run it, but keep the heat outside. It does help. I think we are all in for a very hot summer.

Neil 21:28

Hi Helen, That's kind of oyu t'you, I've kept cool by staying indoors with the doors open, thanks, How about you & Everyone?

Helen 21:25

Just checking to see that you are all surviving the heat wave. having been in communication with friends down south and up in Scotland, I know it's hotter than you really enjoy.

Neil 13:08

I agree...Hopefully webcam viewing won't be too heat generating!

Helen 12:41

And do as little as possible.

Helen 12:41

Drink lots and lots of water.

Neil 12:10

Hello Helen, Lucky You, Yes, it sure is hot here today & predicted to be hotter on Thursday.....Phew! Help!!!!

Helen 11:59

Good morning, everyone. Heat has lifted here, for a day or two. I bet you have it on your side.

Neil 11:36

Good Morning All, yes, that's the link you have provided thanks, "B" to the Shetland webcams...& currently the SImmer Dim, as they call it, when it doesn't become dark, or at least not quite, in contrast to the Winter when they don't really get more than about 5 hours of daylight, depending on weather conditions. The fog you often see in the Summer is also known as The Harr or Sea Fret. I haven't been to orkney like gradon has, but Puffins are in abundance in both Shetland & Orkney & North Scotland mainland, except that there are frequent reports of them & other sea bird numbers dwindling due to climatic hanges affecting their main diet of fish, sadly.

Ric 10:39


Susan 09:21

Morning All

Cindy 08:46


Debbie 08:32

Good morning, sorry not concentrating.

Debbie 08:31


Milly 07:59

Going to be hot today !

Milly 07:58

Morning all

"B" 04:38

I am from NW England, my sister &brother live in UK .We drove to Orkney a few years ago. Did you see the cathedral in Kirkwall .

Helen 00:07

I checked it out, "B". Wonderful midnight light. I wonder if one ever sees puffins. Neil will know.

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