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Shoutouts Archive (23rd June 2020)

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23rd June 2020

Helen 23:57

Thanks, "B". I will look. Yes, I've been up almost that far, to the very north of Scotland, one year, on a trip. I swear it never got really dark all night and it was really daylight by 2.00 a.m. I was in Wick, pretty far north, and on my way to Orkney.

"B" 22:57

PS. when it's not low cloud/foggy!

"B" 22:55

Hello Helen, I have been watching the Shetland cams, they hve "midnight sun." Here,s a link [link]

Helen 21:07

Good night all. I guess I can't watch your western sky tonight. I watch it, usually, to see if there is any light to be seen in the sky around this time of year, and can usually find some. You are much farther north than I am.

Neil 11:52

Good Morning Everyone....Enjoy your day...

Helen 11:29

Good morning, everyone. Have a great rest of the day. Too bad about the stream.

Ric 11:28

No stream this morn.

Ric 11:28


Susan 11:19

Morning All

Debbie 08:55

Good morning

Cindy 08:44


Margaret 08:00

Good morning... "B" I gave the wrong time that the object was picked up and taken away. It was 6.41 am. yesterday and I have saved a camgrab at that time. You can just see the person who picked it up but, unfortunately you can't see the object.

Milly 07:52


Milly 07:50

Yesterday 's cam

Milly 07:48

Morning all

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