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Shoutouts Archive (22nd June 2020)

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22nd June 2020

Helen 20:17

I guess I'll never get to see the mystery object, as I can't get back that far.

"B" 19:55

Thank you Margaret. It was unusual to say the least!

Susan 17:14

1st of August for going out for people that are shielding.

Margaret 17:14

"B" I stayed with that object and left messages earlier this morning. I saw someone pick it up and take it away at 4.40 (ish) a.m. It looked about five foot long, by a foot wide and possibly plastic.

"B" 17:05

I went back to 040h & the object was still in the field , almost at the back line of the front field , it disapeard just after my viewing. Anybody else see it or am I loosing it!

Neil 17:00

&now @0422-03 a lamb or sheep bleating & running at the far end of the field, & with a pheasant call, too, & now I'm sure the Sheep & lambs have awoken & trying to find each other...I have perhaps bleated a plenty about all this! lol!...Baaa!

Neil 16:44

Now, I've jsut reached 040700 & heard several attempts at bleating I think, so reckin that is a lamb ...probably having a funny dream!

Helen 15:54

No, I didn't hear that, but could easily be a fox.

Neil 15:10

The repeated sound I heard @ around 0236 sounded more like a short sharp bark as though it was sneezing -- so should definitely be wearing a mask!

Helen 14:35

Distinctly "Maaaa".

Helen 14:34

I think what I heard was a juvenile bird, but since it was pitch dark, we'll never know. I certainly hear a lamb, now.

Neil 14:20

perhaps the possible Muntjac or fox or whatever was wearing it's maks! lol!

Gradon 14:17

Good afternoon all, I do hope everyone is well! As it has been awhile since I have been on! The sound Neil heard earlier was almost certainly a lamb and his mother could just be heard close by, A muntjack call is a much more piercing sound as is a Fox!

Neil 13:34

Hi Helen I've jsut noticed the strange nosie again on r/w starting feintly at 02.36.19, but then quickly approaching & disappearing, indicating it being a passing creature. With Milly suggestiing a lamb with a sore throat at around 1154, I wondered if the passing creature may be a Fox with a sore throat!, or, not quite a, but something similar to a Muntjac deer..just ideas!

Neil 12:32

Hello Everyone!

Milly 12:03

Not suprised with the torrential downpour we had yesterday.

Milly 12:01

,lol, i think that lamb has a sore throat .

Helen 11:51

Good morning everyone.

Susan 11:16

Morning All

Ric 10:17


Cindy 08:51


Margaret 08:39

It could even be a plastic toy/animal which has escaped a garden or event. Intriguing ...

Margaret 08:29

"B" at first I thought it was someone in the field doing exercises but after studying the movement, it looks like balloons wafting in the breeze.

Debbie 08:28

Good morning

Milly 07:41

Morning all

Milly 07:41

I can't see anything "B"

"B" 05:30

Can't make out what is in the field - red/yellow....

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