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Shoutouts Archive (20th June 2020)

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20th June 2020

Helen 19:33

Hard to tell, actually, as I have a very small screen and it's a long ways from the camera.

Helen 19:31

I think it's Dan with a sheep down by the roots of the old tree.

Helen 19:30

Someone's in the field.

Helen 19:29

We are probably sending it over across the Pond to you. There is a little breeze here, but not much. We blame it all on the USA, as it moves up here from the Gulf of Mexico.

Milly 16:29

I believe we are going to get hot weather ,next week Helen!

Helen 13:48

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday. Quiet but hot here.

Neil 12:23

Hello Everyone, including Sheep & lambs nwo we can watch your antics again, thanks Dan!

Susan 11:32

Morning All

Ric 10:39

Good morning!

Milly 10:02

Morning all

Debbie 08:50

Good morning

Cindy 08:33


Helen 05:51

Sunshine on the longest day. Happy Solstice and Good morning all.

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