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Shoutouts Archive (19th June 2020)

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19th June 2020

Neil 17:06

Quite possibly Helen, If you're able to log in to 0352...there are a few more sounds,, I think similar to the earlier ones.

Helen 15:51

Neil, I think you have it - a baby pheasant, looking for some attention.

Neil 14:50

Oh! what a busy time...who dare suggest I don't have much to do in this lockdown pwriod...alos follwing the Sound Escape on the Shetland webcams, & Andy who runs the cams dciding to close focus the CLiff cam 3 at different times of the day & evening!!!! ..& my card making etc., too...Help!!!

Neil 14:48

Hi, Helen, Just been listeneing again before i saw your latest mssge, & don't think an owl, but as you suggest, a nestling --with an immature sound that we may vever know. i noticed it sounded a few times just before 0200 as well. Whem I heard the pheasant sometime after 0500 I did ownder, but it was certainly not an adult pheasant in the earlier hours...We shall probably next be asking Dan to set up an infra-read nightvision cam! .lol!

Helen 13:49

Didn't sound like an owl. It sounded like a small bird, just letting out little peeps. Not a real bird call. Could have been a nestling wanting food. I know the owl sounds, and not anything as distinctive as an adult curlew. I'll never know. I'm sure summer is not over yet - officially it only starts here tomorrow.

Neil 12:53

Hello All, My guess about the bird sound, Helen, is an owl of some kind, but no idea which!..It's cool & rainy here in Stamford...I htink we've had Summer this year!!! .lol! Enjoy your Day Folk...

Helen 12:22

Hello, all. Hot weather here. Have a great day.

Ric 10:47


Susan 10:25

Morning All

Milly 09:32

Morning all

Cindy 08:43


Debbie 08:31

Good morning

Margaret 07:57

Good morning

Helen 02:02

I can hear a bird calling, but not a call I recognise.

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