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Shoutouts Archive (18th June 2020)

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18th June 2020

Helen 20:13

Stream goes in fits and starts. But we're up to around 8 p.m. so that's progress.

Ric 18:09

Stream seems to be back on track now. Thanks!

Helen 13:36

I see the live stream is stuck. Oh, well, at least we can see the field.

Helen 12:38

God rest Dame Vera, who kept us all going, all over the world, in the darkest days. I hope there are blue birds in heaven.

Susan 10:35

Morning All

Ric 10:24

Good Morning. Seems like the stream in stuck at 5:349

Neil 10:05

Good but sad Morning Everyone...R.I.P. Dame Vera Lynn, 1917 - 2020, but also Many thanks again Dan.

Cindy 08:55


Debbie 08:46

Good morning

Milly 07:55

What a lovely sight 😊

Milly 07:54

Morning Helen and all

Helen 00:29

I just checked - thanks, Dan. Even if it is pitch dark right now, I can see the sky. So good to be back 'in the field'.

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