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Shoutouts Archive (15th June 2020)

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15th June 2020

Helen 22:30

That will be lovely, Dan - can hardly wait!

Dan 21:46

Hi all, hoping to be back online some time Wednesday at latest.

Helen 12:46

Hello, all. Cool and sunny here. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Milly 11:56

Storms forecast here

Neil 11:54

Good Morning Everyone...it's going to be a hot day here today!

Margaret 10:48

Good morning all

Susan 10:47

Debbie so glad you are back to work.

Susan 10:47

Morning All,

Debbie 08:52

First day back at work today.

Debbie 08:51

Good morning

Cindy 08:34


Milly 05:42

Morning Helen and all.

Helen 01:07

Well, we've had lovely sunshine all day but there are frost warnings for just north of us tonight. Go figure, in mid-June!

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