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Shoutouts Archive (13th June 2020)

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13th June 2020

Margaret 20:44

Thanks "B".... I'm sure I did refresh the page not long after noticing that the 12th was missing but maybe the gremlins decided to let it out of its box.. lol.

"B" 16:03

Margaret, refresh the page & it corrects it's self

Milly 13:51

Very warm and sunny here ! Altho thunder storms predicted.

Helen 12:58

Hello, all. Enjoy your Saturday, whatever you have planned.

Neil 11:50

Good Morning Everyone, ..just before noon!..Variable weather I detect...sunny in Stamford & no doubt other places, Wet, I hear in Shetland....Enjoy Your Day...I can hear sweet little lambs calling, even if not seeing them on the www.shetlnadwebcams/Soundescape channel, along with Curlews, Starlings & other birds occasionally...very melancholic!

Ric 10:38

Good morning. Sure miss the view!

Susan 10:07

Morning All

Milly 09:42

Morning all

Cindy 08:46


Margaret 08:14

It's not often that a day disappears on shoutouts but the 12th is missing. I hope everyone is well.

Margaret 08:11

Good morning everyone

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