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Shoutouts Archive (7th June 2020)

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7th June 2020

Linda 21:15

I’m just glad to hear that is all, and that everything else is okay! Can we help?

Susan 18:33

No problems with SKY at all

Milly 18:02

Same here Dan ,talktalk are having problems

Neil 17:29

Whoops, looks as though I have major problems with my typing finger control...lol!

Neil 17:28

Tahnsk Dan, that's understandable & often unavoidable, Pls don't worry, Gopod Luck!

Dan 16:23

major internet problems at lw hq sorry folks

Margaret 13:24

Contact him Susan

Neil 12:47

Hello All....

Susan 12:01

Thought Dan would have had the picture back on by now. does he know it#s down.

Susan 11:19

Morning All

Ric 09:51


Cindy 08:48


Milly 07:06

Morning all

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