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Shoutouts Archive (6th June 2020)

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6th June 2020

Helen 17:24

Thanks Sue. I'll look for that.

Susan 15:10

Sorry that should have been Lamb birth very intersting.

Susan 14:38

Lmb birth vert interesting back in 14

Helen 14:36

Sue, I see the old videos but the live feed is definitely down. Anyway, I have lots of things I should be doing and it's nice day for working outside, so I will do that instead - no temptation to sit at the computer!!

Susan 14:01

Helen if you put in Marlfield Farm on youtube you should getsome videos Dan has done.

Helen 13:10

No luck.

Helen 13:09

Can you get it on Youtube? I'm going to try.

Susan 11:26

Well just have to go sit and watch tv,which I hate prefer to watch sheep and lambs.

Neil 11:11

A Good wet morning Folk....

Ric 10:47

Morning! Live stream is not working.

Susan 09:34

Morning All

Cindy 08:46


Milly 06:05

Cams just black!

Milly 06:04

Morning all

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