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Shoutouts Archive (3rd June 2020)

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3rd June 2020

Helen 22:16

Well, that sure looks like heavy rain to me.

"B" 17:16

Thanks Helen, I never did figure out what it is - good to know!

Helen 12:19

"B" if it's that beady thing across the bottom of the lens, it's moisture.

Helen 12:18

Happy to hear you have rain, finally. So do we.

Neil 11:33

Good Morning Everyone!

Susan 10:38

Morning All

Ric 09:59

Wet and chilly morning!

Cindy 08:45


Milly 07:13

Temps dropping by half.

Milly 07:12

Morning all, its raining.

"B" 02:46

Don't see any sheep but the strange catapiller thing is there on my screen; it looks like a creature from a childrens book but a unable to place it!

Helen 02:42

Lots of sheep around the cam tonight. Storm brewing here.

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