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Shoutouts Archive (2nd June 2020)

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2nd June 2020

Helen 21:48

I count 14 sheep and lambs.

Helen 21:02

Very dry, though - easy to see that you need lots of rain.

Helen 21:02

Well, the sky is sort of pink, and the rest is just a beautiful shade of green with a few sheep. Nice to see real colours.

Helen 14:04

One of the lambs is straightening the camera for us.

Helen 14:03

A few sheep in the field just now, and green stuff, so the light is foxed, I guess. Thanks, Dan.

Helen 14:02

Oh, it's Coronation Day! I remember that! We crowded around a brand-new telly, as children, to watch it after the film was flown overseas. Great technology but it worked.

Neil 12:22

Good Afternoon Everyone, Happy Coronation Day, & Many thanks again, Dan... All enjoy your day....

Susan 10:49

Morning All

Ric 10:29

Morning! Looks gorgeous out there,

Debbie 09:46

Good morning

Cindy 08:35


Milly 08:08

Morning all

Milly 08:08

Cam back to normal,thank you Dan

Helen 00:29

I went back and looked, Sue, but I can't see anything different. Lots of sheep, though. Pink ones.

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