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Shoutouts Archive (31st May 2020)

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31st May 2020

Helen 21:32

95% confident means there could yet be a "baby named surprise". Time will tell.

Dan 20:24

the .5 being that we have rooed 50% of her and will do the other half next session.

Dan 20:24

We got all the sheep in today who are yet to lamb and checked them over. I am 95% confident they are not in lamb! Only 3.5 sheep left to shear

Neil 19:26

Thanks Dan, once again, for your devotion to our pleasure!

Susan 18:39

My chatand picture keep going from the small chat to big chat. annoying.

Helen 18:20

That's quite an interesting article. I must say I associate this Sunday with red for fire and Pentcost, but it was interesting to see how the festival evolved in the UK. Thanks for the link, "B". I don't think we've ever called it Whitsuntide in Canada, but maybe I move in the wrong circles.

Neil 18:14

Yes thanks, "B" the link has worked, ...at least for me...I wonder if the Sheep think Whitsuntide is the time for their shearing!..lol...it would be a sheer miracle if they did! lol!

"B" 17:15

Hello, I will try to srnd a link with information about Whitsun. [link]

Neil 15:58

Hi Helen, Yes, that's right, there was a Whitsuntide Church Service on tv this mroning. The Holiday weekend is now Spring Bank Holiday, ..the weekend followed by the last Monday in May, so it was last weekend, ...a week earlier than last year, when the last Monday was 27th May...all change also becuase of this year being a leap year!

Helen 15:31

Isn't this Whitsuntide weekend? Used to be a holiday but I think they've changed it to something permanent. Someone enlighten me.

Neil 12:29

Hello All,

Helen 12:08

I hope shearing/rooing went well yesterday.

Helen 12:08

Morning all - yes, I know it's just a shade after noon.

Susan 10:53

Morning All

Ric 09:58


Milly 08:55

And the birds sound happy .

Milly 08:52

The sheep are looking very cool, with their new haircut !

Milly 08:51

Morning all

Cindy 08:28


"B" 05:25

“Dawn is breaking over the horizon, shell pink and faintly gold...”

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