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Shoutouts Archive (30th May 2020)

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30th May 2020

Helen 16:55

So we'll be seeing some nekkid sheep on the loose in the field? Poor things - they always look a little embarrassed for a day or two, and their young'uns don't know them..

Helen 13:30

You are still waiting for four ewes to lamb? Oh my, life is full of surprises there. Good luck with the rooing and shearing. 26 of them will give you a work out.

Neil 12:32

Hello All, Good Luck with the Rooing, Dan & Family...

Ric 10:23


Susan 10:13

Morning All

Dan 09:04

(to lamb)

Dan 09:03

And _still_ we wait for 4 ewes!

Dan 09:03

Big day today, the remaning sheep with fleece are to be sheared (or rooed)! 26 or so

Cindy 08:21


Milly 05:34

Morning Helen and all

Helen 02:52

Yes, not quite 3.00 a.m. and I can see the outline of the trees against the lightening sky.

Helen 02:43

So the infrared is down again, I guess. Not a thing to see tonight.

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