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Shoutouts Archive (29th May 2020)

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29th May 2020

Helen 23:55

Well, it was another lovely sunset. We were having a weather 'system' here, so that may have disrupted my connection.

Helen 12:06

Blackbird singing.

Helen 12:06

Oh, dear, Neil, nothing so annoying as trying to make it work and it won't.

Neil 12:05

Good Morning Everyone, I hope oyu're having a better day than I am...with computer problems....

Helen 11:15

Good morning, all. Another warm and sticky day here, and it looks warm there, too. Enjoy your day.

Helen 11:14

No worries, "B". Glad the poem opened.

Susan 10:38

Morning All

Ric 10:31


Cindy 08:36


Milly 06:28

Morning all

"B" 04:22

Thank you Helen, the link to the poem opened fully but I can't find the way to send you a message. I'll look in the AM my brain may work better!

Helen 03:24

And I'm not surprised, now to find light in the sky on my way to bed at 10.30. "B", I will PM you the poetry.: "

"B" 00:44

A beautiful passage you have quoted - in my ignorance I am not familiar...

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