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Shoutouts Archive (27th May 2020)

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27th May 2020

Helen 20:35

Dan, so long as we're not all drenched in pink gin, it does give an interesting effect, especially to the sunset. It doesn't stop the birds from singing.

Susan 20:32

Dan have you noticed how my post from 10-25am this morning has moved also.

Dan 20:10

Still it makes for an interesting effect

Dan 20:10

Oh dear it looks like this camera's on the blink, having lost night vision and now the colour channels going on

Neil 15:33

A hare can be seen at front of scren running from left to back right @083536

Helen 15:12

Although I have noisy fans running here, I can still hear the Chaffinch singing his heart out.

Helen 12:56

Pink snow and blue skies - what a combination! It looks like a nice day there. It's very hot here.

Neil 12:41

A Good Day to Everyone.....

Susan 10:25

Morning All

Ric 09:57

Crimson morning to all!

Milly 08:10

Morning Cindy and all

Cindy 07:37


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