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Shoutouts Archive (26th May 2020)

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26th May 2020

Helen 20:33

I must say that it does something interesting to the sunset.

Neil 20:31

Many thanks "B" for the very interesting technical info, I can see that Dan will be wanting to employ your services remotely with your knowledge lol

Helen 17:33

Well, that is comforting - I was afraid it was something i was drinking. Yes, Neil, I had the same impression about snow.

"B" 17:28

Cameras have three colours(at least they used to) blue. red .& green that also caries the luminance; my guess is that the blue channel(gun) died; leaving only the red,green/luminance.

Neil 15:04

I think we would all be worried if Eelphants, pink or otherwise were visible!...The pink makes it look as though there is alos a layer of snow!

Helen 14:41

At least it's not pink elephants. Then I would really worry.

Helen 13:30

Pink sheep all crossing the field.

Helen 12:18

Interesting colour, for sure.

Neil 12:15

Hello All...No Ric! it's the new coloured sepia effect! lol! Have a Good Day Everyone!

Ric 10:05

Morning! Camera seems to have lost most of it's color capability.

Susan 09:34

Morning All

Cindy 08:48


Milly 07:55

Just been out for a walk.nice and refreshing !

Milly 07:53

Morning Helen and all

Milly 07:52

No sun yet ,its probably the cam .

Helen 05:54

We're getting a most interesting pink hue over everything, now - is this sunrise, or what?

"B" 05:15

If I was at work, long age I would think it looks as if a "gun" has gone on the camera - but it"s digital...

Helen 03:55

"B", i began to suspect, years ago, that they never really go to sleep, and have one eye open all night long.

Helen 03:54

Oh, the birds are up!

"B" 02:55

Thank you Dan for fixing the night light; one sees sheep, I don't know when they sleep as it must be the early hours (03.00h) when I see them!

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