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Shoutouts Archive (25th May 2020)

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25th May 2020

Helen 21:24

And lots of sheep.

Helen 21:14

I think the view might be more tilted than usual, but a clear evening and a lovely sky.

Helen 19:37

Nice to hear the chaffinch - I know they are common but I like them.

Helen 18:16

Extreme heat warnings out for Toronto and southern Ontario. That's the trouble with Toronto - too cold or too hot.

Helen 12:29

What a lovely day there - hope you can all enjoy it. Stay well, everyone.

Neil 11:54

Hello Everyone on this sunny looking morning...

Ric 10:38

Good morning! Loos spectacular there.

Susan 09:57

Morning All

Cindy 08:39


Milly 07:39

Morning Helen and all

Helen 03:18

It always amazes me (a kid who never grew up) that there can be light in the sky in your direction when it is pitch black here, but I see the sky gradually lightening there. How amazing is this planet.

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