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Shoutouts Archive (17th May 2020)

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17th May 2020

Helen 21:48

Looks like rain.

Helen 15:49

Thanks so much, Dan, for fixing the cam, and for the update.

Neil 14:52

Hello Nikita & Everyone, Many thanks Dan for restoring the cam, Much Appreciated....

Margaret 12:30

Okay... thanks Dan.. we did enjoy watching while the lick block was there. Time for lunch now.

Dan 12:27

I've moved the lick block away from the field now as the field now has North Ronaldsay sheep in there which are sensitive to copper, and the lick has a bit of copper in so i've relocated the lick to where the "special care unit" where we have a bottle fed boreray and family

Nikita 11:40

Hello Susan, Hello Ric!

Susan 11:20

Morning All

Ric 11:07

Good morning!

Margaret 09:28

Great... thanks Dan... I see the sheep have finished the treat. Anymore to come. It's been fun watching the antics

Dan 09:27

Webcam is back online now please refresh x

Margaret 09:19

Thanks Dan.

Dan 09:18

Oh is it down? I’ll check. Sorry!

Dan 09:18

It’s coping thank you Margaret!

Margaret 09:18

That's okay Dan. Any chance of a picture on the webcam yet?

Nikita 09:18

All ok

Dan 09:17

Welcome Nikita! And hello eveyone. Sorry for interrupting your conversation

Margaret 09:17

Thanks Dan.. you have been busy. How's your back after all that shearing?

Dan 09:17


Nikita 09:17

Hello, Dan!

Nikita 09:16

Yes, right... Very extreme...

Dan 09:16

A quick update! We are nearly close to finishing lambing for 2020, with only 5 left to lamb but some of these may not be in lamb. Such a long season this year!! You may notice we’ve also started shearing fleeces. I’ve sheared 43 and have 26 left to shear ! Phew! Our fleeces are available to buy this year on The Fleece Shop: [link]

Margaret 09:16

Your weather is extreme isn't it? Too cold in winter and too hot in summer.

Nikita 09:16


Nikita 09:16


Nikita 09:15

Now we have +33C

Margaret 09:15

When it's too windy, the umbrella is difficult to control..

Margaret 09:15

I don't mind wind and rain so long as it's not together lol

Nikita 09:14

I see

Margaret 09:14

The temperature at the farm is 9C (it is shown further up the page)

Nikita 09:14

Oh, I'm too... I enjoy wind and rain

Margaret 09:13

Wow, that is very hot. I prefer a temperature of about 25C

Nikita 09:13

In september same cold...

Nikita 09:12


Margaret 09:12

Is that 40C or 40F?

Nikita 09:12


Nikita 09:12

In this may was gold...

Margaret 09:11

Our summer is generally from May to September.

Nikita 09:11

Sometimes +40-+45

Nikita 09:10

In summer ve have very warm weather...

Margaret 09:10

Where you live in Siberia is well known here for being extremely cold. How much summer do you have?

Nikita 09:08

Oh, I would really like to live in England

Margaret 09:08

We can also have straightforward speakers in the UK but I think most are polite

Nikita 09:06

In Russia, people are rude and straightforward. In Europe, polite.

Nikita 09:06

It's very cute of you... Thanks

Margaret 09:05

Your English seems very good to me but if we can help with anything that you don't understand, please ask.

Nikita 09:04


Nikita 09:04

I simply bad speak in english... But want to understand all of emotional content in some phrases.

Margaret 09:03

What do you mean?

Nikita 09:02

It’s bad to have a language threshold.

Nikita 09:00

Oh, that's right

Margaret 09:00

Ah now, that is going into quite a debate which I think we should keep clear of on this site as it can start heated discussion.

Nikita 08:57

I'm the anarchist

Nikita 08:57

As for me, I hate some goverment (russian including).

Margaret 08:56

Did you mean what do I hate in general?

Nikita 08:56

No, not plants

Margaret 08:56

Dan will have the webcam up and running soon, hopefully.

Nikita 08:54

Yes, the chat is buggy

Margaret 08:53

Whoops, the site has had a blip

Nikita 08:52

My mom had

Margaret 08:52

I try not to hate anything. Do you mean do I hate a particular plant?

Nikita 08:52

And what you hate?

Margaret 08:52

Do you have a garden?

Margaret 08:51

I just love trees Nikita.. haha..

Margaret 08:50

Yes.. it is a beautiful tree. I have a columnar cherry blossom called Amanagowa. I hope that is the right spelling

Nikita 08:49

You're romantic person, Margaret

Nikita 08:49

Growing in JApan

Margaret 08:48

I love the cherry blossom tree especially when it is in full bloom against a blue sky

Nikita 08:48

Yes. It's cherry without berry

Margaret 08:47

I've just googled sakura and here it is called cherry blossom

Nikita 08:46

I'm from south Siberia. Commonly we have warm weather at summer. and cold winter.

Margaret 08:46

I've not heard of sakura

Margaret 08:45

It is beginning to warm up here now. We have had a cold wind lately but we are now having a lovely breeze from the south. The sun is shining where I am and next week's weather is due to be warm. What's it like where you are?

Nikita 08:45

One weak ago we have sakura bloomed

Nikita 08:44

How weather? We have a clear sky and warm wind.

Nikita 08:42

Hi Cindy!

Margaret 08:42

Hello Cindy...

Margaret 08:42

Thank you.. I quite like it myself

Cindy 08:42


Nikita 08:42

Margaret, you have my favorite name I enjoy name Margaret.

Margaret 08:41

Helen has a marvellous memory much better than mine

Nikita 08:39

Oh, nice

Margaret 08:39

Hello Nikita, I think Helen may have gone to bed but if I may answer your question - Dan is the owner and admin of Lambwatch. He and his family own the farm where the cam is situated.

Nikita 08:38

Hi, Margaret

Margaret 08:33

Good morning

Nikita 08:22

Helen, are you owner or admin of this site?

Nikita 08:21

Hello, hello!

Helen 08:21

Anyway, good morning good people. It's still the middle of the night where I am.

Helen 08:20

No, no cam. It went down late last evening.

Helen 08:19

Nikita, your name is Russian and I think you joined us a few years ago. We have no other watchers from Russia that I know of, but I took a wild guess. Welcome back.

Nikita 07:56

Good morning, Milly!

Nikita 07:54


Nikita 07:54

Hi, Helen! How you understood that I'm rom Russia?

Milly 07:30

No cam?

Milly 07:29

Morning all

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