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Shoutouts Archive (12th May 2020)

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12th May 2020

Helen 22:28

Yes, infra-red is definitely out.

Helen 21:00

Still a bit of colour in the sky.

Susan 20:24

Funny buy shiny sunset.

Helen 18:02

Thanks, Dan, for cleaning the lens.

Helen 18:02

A heat wave? Where? I'm coming there!

Gradon 16:48

Thaankyou Dan, for cleaning the screen again, another cold day again! Though do not get used to it,another heatwave is coming on!

Helen 15:32

Raining, maybe?

Helen 13:32

Hello all. Forgot to check in earlier. I think "B" is right and that the infra-red light is down. The last two nights have been darker than usual, even with licks, promises and mist.

Neil 13:00

Licking the lens is probably their way of saying Hello to we Followers! lol!

Margaret 12:39

I think you are on the right track with the sheep licking the lens, Neil.

Neil 12:28

Hello All, The lens was nice & clean yesterday, thanks, Dan, but i suspect it is having a good "lick & promise" from some of the field's 4 legged inhabitants, who perhaps, as Margharet suggests theink they are being generous in "lending" some of their lanolin from their fleeces' to the lens....Baaaa! lol! Enjoy your Day Folk,

Margaret 11:40

Good morning... maybe some of the sheep are leaving some of their lanolin from their fleeces on the lens

Ric 10:31

Morning! Yeah, the lens is still fogged.

Susan 10:15

Morning All

Cindy 08:43


Milly 05:33

Morning "B" and all

"B" 04:58

Dawn is breaking...

"B" 04:57


"B" 04:56

I think the light by the camera is not light.

Helen 02:20

I now can see three lights but it is misty.

Helen 01:12

That mist might explain why I cannot see a thing, except a faint twinkling light in the distance. Total darkness.

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