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Shoutouts Archive (9th May 2020)

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9th May 2020

Helen 23:41

It's very dark - can't even see the lights in the village. I don't think the camera is off, but heavy cloud must have moved in.

Helen 21:43

The sky is beautiful.

Helen 19:22

Lots of activity in the field just now.

Ric 19:22


Helen 15:20

A brown mama and a black baby just wandered into view. Lovely.

Helen 15:19

I just have to announce that it is snowing in Toronto. I knew you would want to know. It won't last - maybe this is the end?

Susan 15:02

Sounds like one of the sheep sharpening the horns.

Susan 15:01

Wonder what that is .

Milly 14:55

Yes it is Sue ,

Susan 14:54

And Monday

Milly 14:53

Its 22c at the moment,but its changing,going to be very cold ,tomorrow Helen

Helen 13:09

Hello, all. I hope it's warmer there than it is here. Looks lovely and sunny there.

Neil 11:42

Good Morning All

Ric 11:07

Good morning. What a beautiful day there!

Susan 09:23

Morning All

Cindy 08:26


Milly 07:20

Morning all

Helen 01:37

I think I'll just leave the site open for the rest of the evening and see what other early morning birds I hear while I read. A few quiet sheepie noises.

Helen 01:36

I hear the curlew! Really the first time I've heard him clearly.

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