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Shoutouts Archive (6th May 2020)

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6th May 2020

Helen 23:40

Oh, I think so. Maybe I will stay up late and wait for it.

Margaret 22:28

There's a sheep nearby joggling the cam...... I'm fairly sure that there will be a super moon

Helen 22:27

And there's the satellite again in the sky. Full moon must be behind us, rising in the east..

Helen 22:27

Someone is messing with the microphone.

Helen 22:26

Yes, I know!

Margaret 22:25

It was a babbling brook before the heavy rain started lol

Helen 22:21

That's not a babbling brook, that's a raging torrent. Reminds me of the song "As Torrents in Summer". Now that they have the new flood prevention measures in place, that won't do the damage it must have done in early days. I must look at some of the other earliy videos.

Margaret 22:16

You will enjoy lots of other videos there Helen.

Helen 22:15

That is actually before I joined (March or April 2009)

Helen 22:14

Thank you, Margaret. It will check it. Right now.

Margaret 22:11

Helen - it's on the Blog -page 21 - dated 5th Sept. 2008

Helen 21:52

Thanks, "B", I think so, too. And they are also protected by the glass balcony railing, so I'm hopeful.

"B" 21:37

Hello Helen, The plants should be OK as the warmth (radiation) from the building will help.

Helen 21:21

Beautiful evening - I looked back at the sunset. Even now the sky is lovely. Full moon tonight.

Helen 21:20

Susan, they are in huge, heavy pots. I couldn't possibly shift them. But I'm high up on a balcony and they don't get ground frost. I'll let you know how it goes (It's an experiment) but I think some of them will survive. I'll let you know. They are a combination of lobelia and forget me not. Time will tell.i)

Gradon 21:20

What a glorious evening! Before the cold snap of which will last one day, on Sunday, it is set to turn warmer!

Susan 20:15

Helen, personally I would take your seedlings in over the freezing weather. don't take a chance on loosing them

Helen 18:02

I've covered the seedlings with clear plastic - I think they will be OK.

Margaret 16:47

Hopefully that cold weather shouldn't last long. I just hope the plants don't suffer too much.

Helen 16:45

"yet" should be "Yesterday"

Helen 16:45

I haven't put my winter coat away yet! I looked at summer clothes in my closet yet and wondered why I would bother taking them out!

Margaret 16:12

The flowers are not the only ones which aren't pleased Helen. By Sunday we will be back in our warm clothes. brrrrr

Helen 16:01

Sorry, Margaret, but it's true. We're going to have frost and even a bit of snow on the weekend. My flowers told me that they are not pleased.

Margaret 13:45

Good day all and congratulations on the new lambs. You are right, Helen, the weather you have generally arrives over here after a week or two.

Helen 13:16

Hello all and congratulations on the new babies. That's wonderful. May they be healthy and strong. As for the weather - very cold here till next week, so some of that is probably coming your way.

Susan 12:32

Morning All

Gradon 11:37

Good day to all,Congratulations on the newbie babes, I do hope they packed their winter woollies for the coming weekend! Either the field has developed a serious slope or the cam has been knocked again!

Ric 11:08

Morning all!

Neil 09:24

Good Morning & Congratulations once again,for new additions to the Marlfield Family...I hope the remainder of the lambing goes well, too...

Milly 08:52

Twins,well done 😊

Cindy 08:32


Dan 08:13

Good morning! We are on our final leg now... the last group of ewes has started to lamb this morning. This group includes the ewes we bought in February from the Isle of Man rare breeds project. This morning we have new Soay twins!

Milly 07:55

Morning all

Milly 07:55

Yes it is beautiful "B", for a couple of days, then cold again,

"B" 05:19

O! what a beautiful morning... sun rising with pink in the sky, a light mist in the distance & lots of fleecy lumps laying about the field...

Helen 00:14

It must be the moonlight (although I can't see the moon yet) but half a dozen sheep and lambs are clearly visible at midnight, so there's enough moonlight to see by.

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