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Shoutouts Archive (29th April 2020)

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29th April 2020

Helen 21:40

Well, only Dan knows, so perhaps he will tell us. There is a bit of wet down by the beck, but this is up on drier ground.

Gradon 19:27

I think you are right Helen they are pieces of wool from the itchy mums brought on by the recent warm weather the wool is then often picked up by nesting birds, I think cotton grass prefers marshy ground!

Helen 19:18

Well, the reason I think it might be shed wool is that they scratch themselves on that post or whatever the camera is anchored on. But what do I know, sitting in downtown Toronto, and very clueless about sheep farming. It's an uneducated guess.

Gradon 17:55

Oh no she is a hen!

Gradon 17:53

Hello what is this a big back Cockerill I see! Turned out sunny again

Neil 17:45

A very belated hello All. today, Firstly, in answer to "B" ^ Helen, I may be worng, but my first impression when I saw the "white heads" was Cotton grass. I see Mother Hen is taking centre stage @ around 1729!

"B" 17:43

I belive you are correct on all points...

Helen 17:16

I think these primitive breeds shed their own fleece, and don't get sheared.

Helen 17:15

They could be but I don't remember seeing any dandelions! (And if the sheep ate the dandelions, there wouldn't be any clocks!)

"B" 17:04

I can't see properly on my monitor - could they be dandilion clocks?

Helen 17:00

Is that bits of wool on the ground all around the cam? Natural shedding?

Helen 16:42

That was not enough rain.

Helen 15:00

I think it's raining, and the blackbird sounds very pleased.

Helen 12:59

I do hope you get the rain. We've got some ourselves this morning.

Dan 12:41

Much needed rain!

Ric 11:20

Looks like there may be rain.

Ric 10:42

Good morning!

Susan 10:08

Morning All

Cindy 08:59


Helen 06:23

Good morning, Dan and Milly. I'll look in later, Looks pretty quiet now.

Milly 06:11

Morning Dan and all

Dan 04:55

Good morning

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