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Shoutouts Archive (22nd April 2020)

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22nd April 2020

Helen 23:37

"B" and I could watch all that before we ever went down for the night, given the time difference. I would just have to say awake till 11.00 p.m.

Neil 21:50

Thanks "B", yes, I was trying to mention a few days ago, but not very well, but didn't provide the link as you have kindly done. I aroser expecially jsut before 0400 B.S.T. on Tuesday to a beautiful cacophony of Dawn Chous song, with Snipe, Curlew, Oystercatchers, Grey lag Geese, Blackbird, Wren, Starling, Robin, Herring & Black Headed Gulls, Hoodies, or Hooded Crows, occasionally, & also Sheep, Cattle Bumble Bee's, some of course sounding at different times of the day, but early morning is the BEST. It's all part of the www.shetlandwebcam.com site that I think Gradon has also mentioned....Sorry Dan & Family, but you're not in competition as far as I am concerned, more comlementary, as i have several laptops around me logged into the different sites. 2145: Oh! that was noisy but lovely, a Grey lag Goose or probably a few just flew by sounding away. It's all live. I'm retiring to my sack now in the hope of rising to another Dawn Chorus from Shetland & enjoying the Marlfield Sheep & Lambs too...

"B" 20:59

found another good site for bird song [link] related to the puffinc cam but seperate , it can be listened to as bacground while going elsewhere.

"B" 20:55


Helen 20:07

Another lovely sky tonight but no sign of rain. Not good news.

Helen 19:33

There are lots of leaping things running back and forth in front of the camera.

Helen 19:31

One of yours, Dan? Or one of your Dad's? Always a loss.

Helen 18:44

Oh, dear - no, I think it was a baby voice that I heard, but I could be wrong. I'm sorry about the lamb.

Dan 17:24

It's a sheep who has sadly lost her lamb today She's calling for it.

Helen 17:02

Who's making all that racket? Maaaaaa!

Helen 16:20

Thanks, Gradon. I will try that.

Gradon 16:06

Helen, Try between 7pm to 9.00pm BST focus on CC3 Cam, then the focus could be on the Puffins!

Helen 13:31

Thanks, Gradon - I'll give the site another try later today.

Helen 13:30

Hello every one. Earth Day today. What better place to spend it than on Marlfield Farm?

Neil 10:52

Good Morning Folk, I hope you're able to enjoy a Good Day...

Ric 10:40


Susan 09:49

Morning All

Cindy 08:47


Milly 07:11

Cam stuck !

Milly 07:10

Morning all

Gradon 00:35

Though tonight Shetland is shrouded wit mist, so veiwing will not be so good!

Gradon 00:30

Helen, The Shetland Webcams are on 24 hours a day though overnight, the cliff cams are focussed on to the sky which can be wonderful, give them a try!

Helen 00:03

Thanks, "B". I think some of these are the cameras are the ones Neil told us about last year. They must be offline right now, as it is midnight there now.

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