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Shoutouts Archive (19th April 2020)

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19th April 2020

Helen 21:28

Not so much colour in the sky tonight,.

Helen 19:35

No, "B" I didn't. I'd love to know.

"B" 19:17

Hello, Helen did you receive the private message about the name of the hill? It dissapeared but don't know if was sent.

Margaret 18:05

Good... much easier isn't it?

Susan 18:04

Glad you received it,didn't type it C &P 'D it

Margaret 18:02

Yes thanks Susan... there's quite a lot of lines and a good read.. thanks for all that typing

Susan 17:59

Hope you received it Margaret

Susan 17:57

Quite a lot of it is missing,Will send you it one way or another

Margaret 17:51

Is the last line missing?

Susan 17:50

sOrry was putting a poem by Pam Ayres buy it won't take it/

Susan 17:44

I'm normally a social girl I love to meet my mates But lately with the virus here We can't go out the gates. You see, we are the 'oldies' now We need to stay inside If they haven't seen us for a while They'll think we've upped and died. They'll never know the things we did Before we got this old There wasn't any Facebook So not everything was told. We may seem sweet old ladies Who would never be uncouth But we grew up in the 60s -

Helen 17:11

"Henny-Penny ran to tell the king...." One of my early childhood favorites.

Margaret 16:48

One of the hens wandered into a delivery van and needed to be brought back. It's on the Lambwatch FB page.

Susan 16:47

What runaway hen.

Helen 15:38

What news on the runaway hen? She will have adventures to tell us!

Helen 15:37

Gone very gloomy. Thank heavens for the blue skies of Yorkshire. I would love to know what is on the farthest horizon, because, looking at a map (and Google Earth), I know I'm looking into Lancashire, but cannot name the farthest hill.

Helen 13:07

Hello, all. Sunny here but chilly.

Gradon 12:50

Nice to see the trees to the right are at last turning green!

Gradon 12:47

Aha a sunny day but a keen easterly breeze keeping things rather chilly,though should improve through the week

Neil 10:58

Good Morning Everyone on this Sunny loking day...Enjoy...

Ric 10:48

Good morning.

Milly 10:40

Hi Simon ! Nice to see you back on here !

Susan 09:59

Morning All

Cindy 08:44


Simon 07:45

G'day folks. Had a Brown Tailed Hawk land opposite my flat a week or so ago. It brought with it in it's talons a small fury piece of animal which it ripped apart and ate on the spot. After about five mins it flew off and I haven't seen it since. Hope Heleh and all are well.

Milly 07:39

Morning all

Helen 02:44

I will look for it tomorrow, Neil. Thanks.

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