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Shoutouts Archive (16th April 2020)

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16th April 2020

Helen 21:08

Thanks for the camera, Dan. Another lovely evening sky tonight - the third or fourth this week.

Milly 18:46

Thanks Dan

Neil 18:39

Sheep-Vision restored...Many thanks Dan!

Helen 18:15

Oh, well, Dan, you are in good company. The whole world is slightly off-kilter right now. I bet Rowan has it all figured out.

Dan 18:10

all of those things Helen, alreadY!

Neil 18:08

Good news so far thanks Dan, Let's hoep She continues to improve & that you are not too exhusted.

Helen 17:51

Good news that she is behaving more like her companions. That's hopeful.

Helen 17:50

Walking in circles, dancing on three legs, holding our heads at funny angles, doing head stands, skipping, doing our exercises in public places - who knows what kind of odd behaviour we will get up to?

Susan 17:42

Thats going to be all of us (MAD) once this germ has gone from here.

Dan 17:41

Haha yeah she has been behaving a bit strangely, bonkers. But she’s been in isolation for a few days and if she’s actually been getting better then this can be expected as they don’t like to be away from the flock. Since rejoining her pals she’s been behaving more as you’d expect. She’s now chewing her cud do that would indicate all is well

Helen 17:38

Slightly odd? That conjures up some interesting pictures in my imagination. Well, so long as she is well, she can be as odd as she likes.

Dan 17:10

The sheep is back with the flock now and is generally ok but still slightly odd but doing all the normal things that a healthy sheep would do

Helen 13:12

Hello, everyone! I wonder how the sheep is?

Ric 10:38

Good Morning. Yes, no stream at this time.

Susan 10:01

Morning All

Neil 09:30

Good Morning Everyone, I do hope the Ewe is recovering & Dan & Family managed some well earned rest...Good Luck...

Cindy 08:48


Margaret 08:30

Good morning.. Dan how is the poorly sheep this morning?

Milly 06:56

No cam

Milly 06:54

Morning Helen and all !

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