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Shoutouts Archive (14th April 2020)

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14th April 2020

Rocker1 23:15


Rocker1 23:15

any blackface

Rocker1 23:15

any mules or blackish or texts ?

Rocker1 23:15

OK Dan

Dan 23:10

Sorry Rocker, I missed it. There are no cows on the farm. It's a sheep farm only.

Rocker1 23:00

Dan I asked a question

Dan 22:58

Im off to bed now, night night

Dan 22:57

In more positive news, the lambs are all arriving quite quickly now, with the first batch of Borerays all lambed and lots of Shetlands arriving too, all very nicely marked. We have 4 North Ronaldsays left to lamb, 5 shetlands, 8 Soay (though 4 of which are likely not in lamb and the remaining 4 are not close to lambing) and 5 Boreray, again, not close to lambing. These are the ones we bought from the Manx dispersal sale in Feb and are not due to lamb until May really, if at alL!

Rocker1 22:56

Dan is this ur farm if it is where the cows ?

"B" 22:46

Oh dear! hope she makes it...

Dan 22:46

This ewe is one of last year's lambs so not in lamb.

Dan 22:45

We have another sheep in intensive care again

Rocker1 21:29


Rocker1 21:18

hi b u in UK ?

Rocker1 21:18

Neil hi u a mod ?

Rocker1 21:18

hi Neil u am

Neil 21:16

yes as you say, "B", lovely sunsetting & lovely hearing the sheep & lambs talking ot each other.

"B" 21:10

Beautiful sunset this evening; ending with sunset just after 210h.

"B" 20:59

Busy but OK...

Rocker1 20:46

hi u all OK ?

rock 20:16

hi all

Rocker1 18:35

I've seen nicer people and better cams ok

Rocker1 18:34

Dan wat did I do ?

Helen 18:28

Rocker, I am not on Lambwatch very often. I have a lot of other things going on. It's not about you.

Dan 18:20

Hello Rocker. Welcome to LambWatch. I hope you enjoy our webcam and taking part in the live chat. Please be respectful and treat others as you wish to be treated. Thank you.

Rocker1 18:12

Helen y blank me ?

Helen 17:13

It's wonderful publicity and a real tribute.

"B" 17:12

Congratulations to Dan & Family, for the mention, good publicity.

Rocker1 15:45

Helen y thank them 2 ?

Rocker1 15:14


Helen 15:06

Thanks folks, Susan and Gradon. A little time lag here. "B" is another hour behind me, so six hours behind you. These days, though, I do forget what time it is, as our regular schedules have gone out the window.

Gradon 15:03

Rocker1, When Helen said she was off to have breakfast, In her part of the world, it still would only be 8 o Clock in the morning!

Rocker1 14:19

Fine so wat

Susan 13:33

Helen lives in Canada and is about 5 hours behind us.

Rocker1 13:28

it's afternoon here not am

Helen 12:59

And I'm off to have breakfast.

Helen 12:59

Hello Rocker1 - just to say that your messages weren't removed yesterday - they just slipped to the end of the page and went into the archive.

Rocker1 12:48

good afternoon everybody how's everybody doing ?

Helen 12:41

Hello again! It seems we are both having clear skies and chilly temperatures. Enjoy!

Susan 11:52

Morning All

Ric 11:23

Good morning!

Neil 09:23

Good Morning Everyone, I haven't managed to access the link so far but Well Done again Dan & Family..Keep up the Good Work...

Margaret 09:11

Good morning. Looking at the camgrabs overnight, the markings on the lens have a look of a lamb. Does anyone else see it?

Cindy 08:50


Lexi 08:08

Good morning.

Helen 07:49

Well, done, Dan. Good morning, all.

Milly 06:50

Morning all !

Milly 06:49

Well done !

Milly 06:48

You are becoming famous Dan 😊

Dan 02:40

It’s nice to be featured as UN Biodiversity’s Daily Nature item today [link]

Helen 01:34

Goodnight, folks, and I hope tomorrow is better for everyone. One day at a time, one tiny bit better.

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