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Shoutouts Archive (13th April 2020)

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13th April 2020

Helen 22:14

Rocker1, I can see your messages in the archive - they just roll down off the current page but they are still there.

Margaret 22:02

Rocker1 - "B" is correct... if you go to the calendar and click on today's date, all your messages are still there.

"B" 21:56

Re:"seen & not heard" my Mum must have gone to the same school!

"B" 21:52

I see your earlier messages, as there are a lot today you have to go to Community, select Shoutouts , top of page, scroll down to calenders select date & to will go to a page with all posts from that day.s

Rocker1 21:42

who ?

Rocker1 21:33

who are the moderators here ?

Rocker1 21:33

why are my messages deleted ?

Helen 21:11

Well, I'm set here watching "the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". Second childhood is setting in.

Margaret 20:47

My sister and I do the same - remind the other of a good programme just in case we forget

Neil 20:45

Yes, Very thanks Margaret, I had it mrked to watch but then Gradon reminded me, thanks Bruv.

Margaret 20:44

It's an interesting programme isn't it Neil?

Margaret 20:44

It wasn't done for young'uns to ask an adult how old they were and if we did, that's the answer that we were given..

Susan 20:42

Yes My Mam used to tell us all

Neil 20:42

Lso watching Springtime on the Farm on Chnl 5 ...just flying over to North Ronaldsay, Orkney where I belive Lyssa came from

Margaret 20:36

It's one my mum used to say, Susan..

Susan 20:34

Not heard that saying for a long time Margaret.

Margaret 20:29

Sufficient to say that we're as old as our tongues and a little bit older than our teeth...

Helen 20:27

Well, we won't have a Q&A about ages on here. It's not a contest.

Neil 20:21

Thanks Folk, I htought I ha better clarify that 1 as the meaning of kip & skip are rather different! Youwait 'till you get to my age Helen !lol!

Helen 20:18

I make typos all the time and they're getting worse as I get younger. Oh, well.

Margaret 20:15

Don't worry about typos Neil... we can understand what you mean

Neil 20:14

Whoops! another typo a little earlier..should have been lambs enjoying a Skip & a frolic in the light of the setting Sun!...can't gt the staff!!!...Yes, I enjoy this site very much thanks Dan & Family, with all the lambs, birdsong etc..

Margaret 20:13

There is a programme on tv at the moment 'Springtime on the Farm' which is interesting

Margaret 20:12

Yes there are.

Helen 20:09

Still lovely shades, though

Margaret 20:08

I only nipped out of the room for a few minutes and the sun has disappeared... just like that..

Helen 20:07

That's a beautiful sky. Skipped back a bit and caught some earlier shots of the sin going down.

Helen 20:06

Thanks, Margaret! That's neat. But I will just stay here. I like the peace and quiet, and the sound of the birds at the farm.

Neil 19:59

& nice to see the lambs enjoyng a kip & a frolic ...

Margaret 19:55

Good sunset again..

Margaret 19:46

There are any amount of live cams on that site

Susan 19:41

You said you were bored and it was aimed at anyone who thinks the same

Rocker1 19:40

Susan why direct that at me ?

Rocker1 19:40

I want a cow cam

Susan 18:52

It maybe for some people but for those people that have been here on the site for years it's what we want.

Rocker1 18:45

it's boring here

Rocker1 18:44


"B" 18:32

Yes, I did it over 50 years ago!

Helen 18:25

Actually, probably longer, more like 36. Twenty-four hours would get me to Kenora.

Helen 18:24

Do you know it would take me 24 hours by train to get to where you are?

Helen 18:23

But in Canadian terms, "B", you are a neighbour of mine!

"B" 18:01

I'm farther west in Canada, six hours behind GMT

Helen 16:47

No, I'm in Canada, where spring is slower than it is in Yorkshire. But it's coming.

Rocker1 15:27

Helen u from UK ?

Helen 13:04

Good morning all - well, morning for me, anyway. Pouring rain here but very mild, and good for the ground and the leafing trees. No wild life here except some very happy birds.

Rocker1 11:24

hi ric

Ric 11:16


Rocker1 10:48

there was a fox on last night or a badger

Rocker1 10:48

I'm in uk

Neil 10:24

Good Morning Susan!

Susan 10:23

Morning All

Neil 10:15

Further to Rocker12's q re wildlife..I can hear a Robin singing @ around 1014....

Neil 10:06

correction tol ast statement..wildlife can often be heard "here"...

Neil 10:05

Good Morning & Happy Easter Monday Everyone, I'm in the UK, Rocker1, May I ask where are U, Also, if I might add, not all of us have smartphones, just laptops, so don't always understand your shorthand language, such as "yo", Yes, wildlife can often be heard more than seen hear, The Curely Owls & other birds,

Rocker1 09:42

who's in UK ?

Cindy 08:49


Milly 06:56

Morning all !

"B" 04:41

Hi Rocker1, we are not ignoring you, but usually not much traffic later in the day. Depends on ones location...

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