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Shoutouts Archive (6th April 2020)

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6th April 2020

Helen 21:09

Do they get to watch the telly?

Helen 21:07

Back in their kitchen nest.

Margaret 20:26

Good to see the lambs again..

Margaret 20:26

Ah right. I've been having a few problems with this lappy today. I had to ask Ruth to sort it out. It seems to have a life of its own.

Dan 20:25

This may be the last night they are indoors. we will see

Dan 20:25

you had the webpage zoomed in or zoomed out, which might have played tricks with the layout

Margaret 20:24

Yay... that worked... thanks Dan..

Dan 20:24

Please can you also try pressing ctrl+0

Margaret 20:23

It stays the same on both home and shoutout pages and the ctrl+f5 didn't work which is strange. It usually does work

Dan 20:22

hi Margaret are you on the homepage or the shoutouts page? If youre on the homepage can you try the shoutouts? if you're on the shoutouts please can you try the homepage. or you could also try pressing ctrl+f5

Margaret 20:01

It's strange that mine is looking how it looks on my Kindle. I'm on a laptop. It changed when we went to the two lambs yesterday.

"B" 20:00

Margaret , on my computer image is in the usual place, the layout has not changed.

Margaret 19:28

Dan, could you put the page back so that the messages are alongside the webcam pic please?

Dan 19:09

Webcam is back but you'll need to refresh to enjoy the sunset

Margaret 15:21

You're welcome Ric; glad you caught it okay.

Ric 15:03

Thanks for the heads-up, Margaret. I caught the video on replay.

Gradon 13:52

To those like Neil who missed the woolly brothers, they can be seen on rewind overnight until 8.20am this morning, well worth a watch!

Margaret 13:30

You could take the red line back to the beginning... it's showing nearly 11 p.m.

Helen 13:21

It was a treat, Neil. Sorry you missed it.

Ric 11:07

Good morning to all.

Neil 09:46

Good Morning Everyone, it looks as though I certainly missed a treat last night..let's hope there will be another soon, Wishing You All a Good Day, Ewes, Lambs, Rams & All

Susan 09:11

Morning All.

Cindy 08:42


Milly 07:49

Morning all ,they look content,

Helen 06:52

Just saw one being bottle fed. Back to bed, now. God luck.

Helen 06:47

Rowan wants breakfast, too. He's talking quite well.

Helen 06:41

They know you are awake and up. What time is breakfast? Good morning everyone.

Helen 02:52

I thought it might be every two hours. They're a bit restless - you probably hear them when they're hungry.

Dan 01:39

Little and often, feeding wise! It’s about once every 2-3 hours in day and every 4-5 hours at night

Helen 00:56

Well, they both appear to be asleep.

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