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Shoutouts Archive (4th April 2020)

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4th April 2020

Helen 18:51

I know we will see photos eventually, and meanwhile, I am delighted that the orphaned lambs are doing so well.

Neil 18:44

More interesting info thanks Dan, I wsh them & You All Well.

Dan 18:39

This is the first year she’s had a pretty marked one, probably because the tip dad is Jura who had a lot more colour variation in his genetics. Lance always made a lot of White lambs but sadly he died last year before tipping time, so we got a new tup, Jura , who has a lot more colour in him so it really will be a box of chocolates in our Shetland’s this year... never know what we are going to get !

Neil 18:39

It's good to hear the Orphans are doing so well, but I wonder if they were hoping to be invited to a future Wedding Party! lol!

Dan 18:37

And solid too. He’s from Myrtle, who always seems to produce massive single male lambs!

Dan 18:36

Male lamb unfortunately (we always prefer females for breeding purposes) but he is a right belter handsome fella. Really pretty markings

Dan 18:36

cindy the Shetland hasn’t lambed yet, she looks like she could be a while yet. Our first Shetland is another male

Dan 18:35

They only spend the night in the kitchen and probably tonight will be the last night as they are thriving .

Susan 13:26

The kitchen is big enough for a wedding party.

Helen 13:20

I cannot imagine how the kitchen looks - with two new lambs and a toddler . Rowan probably loves it, but it must be a little chaotic. Good luck bottle feeding two babies. I hope they do well.

Helen 13:17

Hello everyone. In a world where everyday feels like Saturday, I'm not very awake yet. Hope everyone is well. Oh, I see there is a new lamb - wonderful news.

Ric 10:33

Good morning. Looks quite chilly out there.

Neil 10:31

Hello All, I am truly sorry to hear about Lyssa passing, & now hopefully resting in peace from pain, but good to hear Her Orphans are well, & of the newly born, Good Luck in these diffiuclt times & Hopefully Everyone staying safe & well...

Susan 10:29

Morning All

Cindy 10:11

Has my namesake got any lambs yet ?

Margaret 09:54

Good to hear about the new Shetland lamb

Margaret 09:53

Very sad news about Lyssa 😢

Dan 09:39

So far so good. We have a new Shetland lamb this morning 🙂

Cindy 08:41

Hello - hoping it is a happier day at Lambwatch

Milly 05:53

Morning all

Milly 05:52

So sad 😥

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