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Shoutouts Archive (3rd April 2020)

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3rd April 2020

Helen 19:31

So sorry about Lyssa. I always thought she had such a pretty name. Poor little thing. You will have your hands full with three young ones in your house! But Rowan will learn a lot. Loving thoughts to you all.

Susan 18:44

So sorry about Lyssa,she will know that you will take care of her babies and Rowan will love it.

Dan 18:43

I am sure rowan will be very pleased!

Dan 18:42

The little two orphans are fine and will be moving in with us overnight in the nice warm kitchen. Lyssa has passed the baton onto us to nurture and raise her little lambs this year.

Gradon 18:16

So saddened to hear of the demise of the Sheep! How are the two little Orphan brothers doing!

Susan 17:34

Sorry Dan that sheep didn't come through the ordeal

"B" 16:38

So sorry to hear of your loss.

Milly 16:18

Oh ,I'm so sorry Dan .

Dan 15:23

sadly the sheep has died

Gradon 14:20

So Sorry to hear of the news Dan! I so hope she has a speedy recovery, i know she is in the best capable hands of Howard, Lynda and yourself.lovely little brothers!

Margaret 13:50

I'm so sorry to hear about the poorly sheep and hope that she gets better after your good treatment. Love the names of the two lambs.

Dan 13:39

The lambs are called Beebop and ROcksteady

Dan 13:38

Hi all, we have a North Ronaldsay in intensive care at the moment. We are hoping she's "just" got a poorly tummy, but she seems to be in quite considerable pain. So we've treated her with painkillers, and also antibiotics in case there is a lung infection there (her breathing is heavy too), she's also had rehydration salts and a sugar drink, as well as calcium. So she's had everything she might need. We are also bottle feeding her two male lambs to take the pressure off her there (they have already escaped the pen as yio can see!)

Margaret 13:17

I've saved a camgrab to the gallery of a lamb in mid jump. I hope everyone is well and staying safe

Gradon 10:40

Oh for an eye for a spade! One seen in the middle of the screen! Those moles have been busy again! With a lick and a polish of the screen!

Susan 10:22

Morning All,told you I was a late bird.

Neil 09:49

Good Morning Everyone,

Cindy 08:48


Milly 07:07

Morning all

Helen 03:31

So what's the lamb count on Friday morning? I don't see any here in the dark tonight.

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