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Shoutouts Archive (31st March 2020)

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31st March 2020

Milly 21:32

Not for the weather, lol,the info

Milly 21:31

Thanks Dan.

Milly 21:30

Yes ,warmer weather by weekend!

Helen 20:44

Thanks so much, Dan. Good news about young'uns.

Neil 18:54

Much appreciated Dan amidst your devoted Farming duties...

Gradon 18:45

Many thanks Dan, How rich in birdsong right now including more than one Curlew flying overhead! To those wanting to dehead, well some fine weather by the weekend!

Susan 18:36

Thanks Dan

Dan 18:34

3 more lambs today, all singles and Boreray. I've just rebooted the camera too

Susan 18:06

Oh WOW we have jumped from 11-46am to 23-37pm on 30th March.And seeing as its 31st March 2020.bit out.

Margaret 15:31

I need to dead-head the hydrangea bush too but it will keep for the time being

Neil 15:29

Brrr! I ought to be dead-heading my Hydrangea bush but too cold for me! lol! The lambcam seems to have been stuck at 11-46-13 for some time for me, Anyone else, i wonder?

Margaret 15:22

It is cold out Milly; I've been dead-heading the Camellia bush. That was enough so came in for a cuppa.

Margaret 15:21

cam has stopped at 11.46...

Milly 14:29

Irs very chilly ,the wind is cold

Helen 13:58

Not a sheep in sight right now. Off napping somewhere, maybe. Have a good, safe day, everyone.

Susan 12:38

It's 9c which is warmish for us.

Ric 12:20

Looks chilly out there!

Susan 12:18

Better delete that note as I didn't lok at notes before 10am

Susan 12:17

Wheres Milly and Cindy this morning

Susan 11:05

Morning All

Debbie 10:40

Good morning

Gradon 10:20

Thankyou Dan for the info at 08.57 whilst a Missle Thrush is in full song,to the right of Freya and babe is Mum and twins unde the treer

Neil 09:20

Good Monring & Thanks Dan & Everyone, & Good Morning Freya & Lamb on r/w, Hoping you all have a Reasonable day.....

Dan 09:03

Freya and her newborn lamb are in front of the camera at the moment

Cindy 08:50


Milly 07:20

Morning all

Helen 02:59

Three pairs of eyes tonight. Two might be Mum and lamb, close to camera..

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