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Shoutouts Archive (30th March 2020)

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30th March 2020

Gradon 21:35

Thankyou Dan for the info, that explains for only seeing one lamb, so all is well!

Helen 21:02

Thanks for the update, Dan. And I love watching in the evening, this time of year, because you get such a long twilight, and light in the sky way after we do (we're much farther south, though colder.)

Dan 20:12

We have two ewes with lambs. One single and one twins 🙂 another ewe looks imminent

Gradon 20:06

Mum and babe also seen at 19.15, though I thought she had twins! Has something happened to the sibling!

Margaret 20:05

wow, all the sheep in the field now.

Margaret 20:04

People are keeping their distance and if they see someone walking towards them, they cross the road to keep their distance

Margaret 20:03

I typed a reply but the message didn't go. I've seen quite a few dog walkers and a few families. I saw two men walking six feet apart so gathered they were friends having a chat as they walked.

Susan 20:00

I see loads as no-one in this village seem to know this virus is going on.

Susan 19:59

How many people have you seen today out of your windows.

Susan 19:58

Thanks,I have kept refreshing the page since 17-54 but nothing happened.

Margaret 19:50

Best refresh the page

Margaret 19:49


Susan 19:49

What time have you got on the screen,,,,mine says 16-10 -25

Margaret 19:42

Mum and lamb at 19.40

Helen 19:09

Not much colour in tonight's sunset, but I hear a blackbird singing his little heart out.

Helen 13:40

Hello, everyone. Please stay safe and well today. Any new lambs this morning?

Neil 12:30

Hello Everyone,Hope you're staying safe & well & having a Good Day...

Ric 10:59

Good morning!

Susan 10:58

A wee bit of blue sky.

Susan 09:04

Morning All

Cindy 08:57


Milly 07:30

Morning all

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