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Shoutouts Archive (28th March 2020)

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28th March 2020

Neil 20:04

& "enjoying" a check by vehicle headlights bewtween approx 1927-53 & 1928-04

Gradon 18:47

Mum and twins can certainly be seen at the bottom of the field!

Neil 17:27

Welcome Twins, I'm sure you will find you are in a good home!

Gradon 14:35

Thankyou Dan, What good news! If that is the fallen tree, I think I just spotted them between the pixations down there!

Helen 14:18

I just saw the photos, Dan. Thanks for posting them. Lovely good news.

Milly 14:00

Thanks Dan,its a bit cool for them today !

Dan 13:34

Twin boreray just arrived at the bottom of the fieldby the big tree

Neil 12:24

Good Afternoon All...I hope y'all trying to think as positively as you can in these difficult time...Keep Smiling if possible...& try & have a Good Day...

Susan 11:17

Thank goodness for LW at least we have something decent to watch with the Lockdown.

Susan 09:34

Morning All

Cindy 08:32


Helen 07:48

Good morning all. Have a good day.

Milly 06:28

Morning all

Helen 02:29

Three sheep right in front of the cam tonight. And the lens has been well-cleaned - thank you!

Helen 02:28

Wash your hands when you get back home. Thoroughly.

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