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Shoutouts Archive (27th March 2020)

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27th March 2020

Neil 19:34

A slight change of subject: Whilst we all now probably know Covid-19 reuqires a Human or other living creature on which to survive & mutate, they can, as jsut announced from scientific evidence discussed on TV news, continue to survive on a plastic surface for about 3 days & paper & card surfaces for 1-2 days, so be particularly careful in handling food packages in a Supermarket which will probably have been handled by other shoppers to check ingredients etc., deliveries may also still be prone for a period after receipt.

Helen 19:27

We used to use the shopping catalogue in the loo down the yard, which had various names, like 'out house', 'back house', 'little house', and 'Johnny on the spot',etc.

Margaret 19:17

We had the Radio Times too in the loo down the yard. Used to find an interesting article to read then couldn't find the other half of the page to finish it.. lol We had an outside toilet until the late sixties when we moved house.

"B" 18:49

In our house we had radio times, don't know why - maybe softer...

Gradon 18:49

Fortunally I only bought a 9 roll pack days before the shortage so the Radio Times is safe!

Susan 18:47

But it wasn't Radio time just newspaper.

Susan 18:46

We did that back in the 40's never had decent tioletb roll .

"B" 18:41

We used to use Radio Times , cut into neat squares & hung on a convienent hook.

Susan 18:39

You will have to use big leaves

Gradon 18:34

Still no toilet paper, Susan!

Susan 18:29

Wow don't say you have normal hand soap..Miracle

Gradon 18:28

What a wonderful sunset tonight, it will be an hour later in two days time!

Gradon 18:26

Yes Helen, all precations practiced and fresh handsoap supplies in house!

Susan 18:22

Lovely sunset again,

Helen 18:19

Good for you, Gradon. Hope you washed up well once you returned.

Gradon 18:15

Seeing the sheep today, they looked like some very expectant mums! Surely there must be some tiny feet soon!

Gradon 18:12

Went out today on my allowed supermarket visit, so strange on a one in one out basis!

Helen 15:28

It's lovely to see so many sheep.

Neil 12:14

Hello Everyone, I hope oyu are all staying safe & well, & of course well distanced from everyone as much as possible, Have a Good Day.

Helen 11:49

Hello, all - I'm a bit late today. Take care and have a safe day.

Susan 11:36

Boris got Covid-19

Susan 09:53

Morning All. Still living..

Cindy 08:51


Milly 08:11

Looks like the little boreray lamb in front of cam

Milly 06:37

Its going to be a cold weekend, maybe snow about !

Milly 06:35

Morning all

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