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Shoutouts Archive (26th March 2020)

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26th March 2020

Helen 23:54

If anyone needs a laugh or a boost, try out this link. [link]

Helen 23:36

The things that separate us bring us together!! They say this has happened in Italy, too, with people singing from their balconies, even though the country is enduring such distress. I'm glad you all rallied round to help add to the cheering. I have a candle burning in my window to honour the health care workers and to remember the dying.

Gradon 22:05

And yet not a soal was seen!

Gradon 22:03

Many Thanks to all those that contributed to the NHS Clap, in my area also joined by cheers and car horns!

Dan 20:37

People are starting to really come together because of this. A real community spirit is developing, which is really ironic, considering everyone is in isolation.

Margaret 20:29

Reading the posts on FB lots of other roads had people out clapping for the NHS

Margaret 20:28

Our neighbours were out to clap for the NHS and most of our bowls teams neighbours did too.

Dan 20:26

It’s been a big social media thing today Helen.

Helen 20:24

20.07 - clapping for the NHS. Good for you. Thanks for confirming that I was looking at the moon.

Dan 19:46

Yes it is the moon

Helen 19:24

Just a bit of a scratch.

Helen 19:23

Is that the moon I see? And I've just had my face washed by a sheep.

Helen 19:05

Saw the Facebook message. Wonderful news, and such a lovely sky, too.

Dan 19:02

There are 38 sheep in the LambWatch field. 1 lambed, 37 to go (although one or two likely not in lamb)

Dan 19:01

The Borerays have now begun lambing! One little thing at the bottom of the LambWatch field. Stay tuned to watch the arrivals! What a lovely evening to have new life on the farm.

Neil 18:40

Beautiful Sunset again!

Ric 17:18

Beautiful out!

Helen 16:50

Lots of sheep out there tonight.

Helen 16:49

That was funny. Couldn't tell whether it was a hug or a head-butt.

Neil 15:52

"Now, now Laidies!"...Potentially a little "tif" around 153548!

Helen 14:39

Oh, wow, "B". That sounds delicious. I have a neighbour who has offered to help if I'm short of things, too.

Helen 14:38

Oh, I'm sorry - I wish I were closer - I'd shop for you. If I could beam myself and my grocery cart up to your village, I'd be there before nightfall.

"B" 14:37

I'm lucky here in Winnipeg, several people have left notes in the letter box saying to let them know if I need errands & yesterday my next door but one neighbour(who is working at home) brought me homemade turkey soup....

"B" 14:32

Susan, sorry to hear about your pain, I,

Susan 14:29

Can't get out Helen too much pain in the back for walking anywhere.

Helen 13:52

Sue, put a scarf over your face and just go out. People are doing that here if they haven't a mask. Wash well when you get back.

Helen 13:51

Just looking at the ocal scene - on a clear day you can almost see forever.

Susan 13:08

Helen this village where I live is carrying on as if there is no dangerous virus..they don't care.

Neil 12:32

Hello All, Keep thinking positively if & when you can....

Helen 12:11

Hope it all works out for you, Susan. It's too bad that neighbours aren't rising to the occasion for elderly people. They should.

Susan 11:40

Only one supermarket doing priority deliveries to old and regular customers is Sainsburys

Susan 11:38

And this supermarket I have used for a delivery from 2013 but no priority for elderly people.

Susan 11:37

I put an order in middle of february and they can't deliver til 6th April,and I am trying to amend it and having to wait for2 hours to add stuff .

Susan 11:35

It's not a case of the supermarkets are hopeless,it's that they have a lot of new customers that are too lazt to go out.

Cindy 11:33

I am ok thanks Sue - hope you are well - I am struggling to arrange food deliveries as supermarkets are hopeless.

Susan 10:32

Hope Everone is ok.

Susan 09:38

Morning All

Cindy 08:42


Milly 06:34

Morning all

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