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Shoutouts Archive (25th March 2020)

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25th March 2020

Helen 20:48

There are great horns in the lens of the camera!

Helen 19:16

Still some bird twittering and the owl off in the distance, pus a few sheep calling.

Helen 19:14

Is it ever!! I've just arrived at the end so went back a bit - so beautiful.

Susan 18:13

What a beautiful sunset.

Helen 14:48

I GOT OUT! I've been self-isolating for at least ten days, so I took the car, cruised around to see almost no one on the pathways, and no traffic. I found a store that was almost empty, so I shopped. Hurray. Back in solitary now.

Susan 13:24

Hope everyone is stopping in and keeping well.

Neil 12:56

Hello All, Hopefully you are all coping as best as can be expected in the current circumstances..Good Luck & Good Health...

Helen 11:13

It's morning, for sure, here. I'm going out for a drive in the car. That isn't forbidden - yet.

Ric 10:31

morning (almost)!

Susan 10:18

Morning All

Cindy 09:08


Milly 06:19

It's hard to say,what I'm thinking, my mind's running riot !!

Milly 06:16

Good morning all

"B" 04:38

Thank you Helen for your thoughts & quote

"B" 04:36

Norfolk, spent holidays in the area...

"B" 04:34

Julian of Norwich, my father was from

Helen 01:38

God bless each one - I know we're not a pious lot, but I also know that we are feeling displaced and scared and alone, and I just want to say what a famous 14th century Norwich woman wrote once: "All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well." Good night.

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