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Shoutouts Archive (24th March 2020)

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24th March 2020

Helen 21:01

I see eyes glinting at me from the field.

Neil 18:31

Hello All, Better late than never!..hope you are all staying safe, well & warm...

Helen 16:46

OK, here, Ric, in Toronto, but I'm staying home except for absolute necessity and hoping for the best. Stay safe and well. I've been watching US news - difficult to watch it and see so much sickness there, so I hope you all stay well. All the best.

Ric 15:39

Hi, Helen. Yes, we are in Florida. Our county has only 2 confirmed cases so far, but since testing is greatly lagging, it's probably much worse! We are staying home and only going out when we have to. How is it for you?

Helen 14:28

The sheep apparently have left the field and gone shopping. It's safe for them, just not for the rest of us.

Helen 14:27

HI, Ric - how are you doing? Are things a bit wild where you are? (Do I remember something about you're being in Florida?) Stay safe, and keep well, so that you can make that trip next year.

Ric 13:41

Hi, all!

Helen 12:26

Hello, all. Hope you are enjoying this lovely day.

Gradon 12:02

Morning all the sheep are a grazing, the Tawny Owl isa calling! Yes I know it is approaching midday! The air seems cleaner on this fine day!

Susan 09:16

Morning All.what a lovely scene to look at during the Lockdown.

Cindy 08:44


Milly 05:48

It's a lovely day again !

Milly 05:45

The bird's are waking up ,singing their heads off

Milly 05:41

Morning all

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