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Shoutouts Archive (23rd March 2020)

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23rd March 2020

Helen 22:20

We will get through this. We are being asked to save the world by just sitting on our posteriors. For those of us who are naturally lazy and introverted anyway, this will be a cinch.r I keep taking naps.

Gradon 21:25

The Official British lockdown has begun for 3 weeks! Oh well! Plenty of web cam viewing to do! Then hopefully when time comes things will have improved!

Neil 19:54

Looking onthe bright (white) side,.."There's no business like Snow Business!"..hope oyu stay warm as well as safe & well, & Everyone else too.

Helen 19:26

To add to the doom and gloom-ish atmosphere, it snowed here this morning, but it has now melted. Ready for spring, even from my window!

Gradon 18:20

Are the lambs I can hear, on the farm! Or the ones in the field across the brook!

Gradon 18:17

At last! Hi Good Afternoon allI do hope everyone is well, so pleased to see the non human natural world is looking fine! I have been trying all day trying to gain access here. Looks like others have had similar problems!

Neil 15:47

Another belated Hello in the day Everyone, Yes, I am still thinking of & praying for your Friends, Helen, I hope all Lambwatch Followers here are staying safe & well.

Helen 13:12

Thank you so much, Margaret. One feels as though has a very bad cold. The other has a high fever, which is more serious. Grateful for prayers.

Margaret 12:47

Helen, I do hope your friends in London recover okay...

Helen 12:19

Thank you, Margaret. Yes, I noticed even yesterday that the internet was slow. Stay well, everyone.

Margaret 11:41

Good morning... sorry to hear about your two friends Helen. The internet will slow down with everyone being at home and using their tablets and computers. I know it's probably stating the obvious but.....

Helen 10:55

Good morning, everyone. I hope we are all still well. I have two young friends in London who are very ill, and I am really concerned for them. Stay well, everyone on here.

Susan 10:18

bit of a puzzle why it took quite a time to come on but more than likely T'INTERNET.

Susan 10:17

Morning All.

Debbie 09:58

Good morning

Cindy 08:54

Hello - I am finding it to be impossible to open this page from my favourites - got to now google search Lambwatch Shoutouts

Milly 05:57

Morning all

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