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Shoutouts Archive (19th March 2020)

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19th March 2020

Neil 20:55

Thanx Helen; Tawny Owl heard briefly at approx 2050;

Helen 20:43

Good connection, Neil.

Neil 20:16

Thanx Helen...well it does has a slightly curled beak!

Helen 19:33

Yes, 18.15 was a knockout moment for sunsets. Just gorgeous.

Helen 19:32

Oh, I like "Curley".

Neil 18:05

Whoops! ...I mean Curelw! lol!

Neil 18:04

Beautiful Sunsetting against colourful sky around 1800, with occasional Curley & other birds calling in distance...

Neil 17:32

I am very sorry to hear the sad news too but as Helen says despite all the disappointment it is more important to stay safe at the moment.

Helen 17:29

Ah, Ric, I knew you were really looking forward to that. Maybe next year? Let us hope. So sorry. So many plans have to be set aside, but the most important thing is that we stay safe.

Ric 15:01

We had a visit scheduled as part of a larger Yorkshire trip in May. So sad we had to cancel!

Helen 14:36

Somebody kissed the cam! But it is so lovely to be able to see the sheep out enjoying spring. Stay well, everyone,

Neil 11:47

Good Mroning Everyone, Many thanks Dan, once again, Enjoy your day if you can ,All,....

Helen 11:02

Good morning. It's wonderful to have the camera working. Thank you

Susan 10:40

Morning All

Cindy 08:57


Debbie 08:38

Good morning

Milly 06:38

Morning all

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