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Shoutouts Archive (18th March 2020)

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18th March 2020

Helen 23:13

Well, I do appreciate the greetings and the thought. The more, the merrier.

Gradon 22:58

So Sorry Helen! Sack the messenger! Neil told me it was today!

Helen 21:22

You are early, Gradon, but thanks. It's not till Friday.

Gradon 20:33

Hi Helen, I am so sorry this is so belated, A Very Happy Bithday to you!

Helen 19:29

Just saw the funniest thing on facebook and thought I would share the text, although i can't share the photo: We are just three-to four weeks away from knowing everyone's true hair colour. Think about it. Too late for me!

Helen 19:18

Oh, right - this is yesterday's video..

Helen 19:18

Sorry, Margaret. Maybe the internet boffins have all gone into isolation? Working from home?

Helen 19:17

I'm getting video from around 1600 your time and it's nearly that time here in Canada, so something's gone off.

Margaret 18:29

Sorry that you have some trouble with your internet

Margaret 18:14

Milly, I have to say that my internet is generally fairly stable but it's never been off for so long before.

Susan 17:36

Could be Google as I had an email from them that said Google is on and off all 24 hrs.

Milly 16:58

Lol ,Margaret, my internet is off and on too.

Margaret 14:44

Good afternoon... no cam since yesterday; same as I've had no internet for 24 hours. Maybe it's catching

Helen 13:57

I write that last when I was barely awake, and it should read "I hope we seniors have people...." Stay well.

Helen 11:15

Good morning, all. I hope us seniors have people who will shop for us Have a wonderful and very safe day, please.

Cindy 08:52


Susan 08:40

Morning All

Debbie 08:37

Good morning

Neil 07:46

Good Morning Milly, & Everyone, & especially helen on Her Special Day....Happy Birthday 2 U...Happy Birthday 2 A Special Lambcam Watching Friend Friend..Hope you have a Very Special Day with lots of Lambcam treats...

Milly 06:39

Sheep looking at the cam !

Milly 06:39

Morning all

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