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Shoutouts Archive (15th March 2020)

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15th March 2020

Helen 21:01

Was just out for a walk. Very bright sunshine here but it is very cold, with a stiff breeze from the north. I found a bench out of the wind, and sat in the sunshine for a while. Spring is coming.

Gradon 20:00

Thankyou Milly

Gradon 19:15

Many Thanks Cindy, No, not too late! Many Thanks to Margaret also!

Milly 19:15

Happy birthday Gradon !

Cindy 16:34

Hope that I am not too late to add my birthday greetings to Gradon.

Margaret 16:29

Happy Birthday to Gradon. Have a lovely day.

Helen 15:30

Someone has kissed the camera. But the blue skies are beautiful.

Gradon 14:28

Many Thanks to Helen and Neil for your Birthday wishes

Helen 12:10

If you are stuck at home and not able to access much, here is a virtual tour of galleries and museums you can enjoy from your couch. [link]

Helen 12:08

Happy Birthday to Gradon. Be well and happy and have a wonderful year.

Helen 12:08

Thanks you Dan. Much appreciated!

Dan 11:59

LambWatch will be here for everyone who are is going into hibernation!

Neil 11:21

Good Morning All...Happy Birthday Dear Bruv Gradon...21 again!!!! Hoping You & All have a Good Day....

Cindy 09:01


Milly 05:59

Morning all

Milly 05:58

The birds are singing now .

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